The IRmadillo
An Infrared Process Analyzer Designed For Production Environments

The IRmadillo provides real-time chemical analysis for better monitoring and control of manufacturing processes. As an in-line process analyzer of liquids, the IRmadillo is a robust mid-infrared spectrometer.

It can be configured to operate in traditional spectrometer mode, or loaded with a calibration model and run as either a concentration meter, a qualitative classification analyzer, or both simultaneously.

Easy to install

Communicate directly with your DCS

Robust, rugged and reliable

Simple, contact sensing probe 

Stable and trustworthy

The IRmadillo real-time process analyser

Not only does it match the power of a laboratory-grade instrument, but it is tough enough as a process instrument to install directly into a manufacturing line to catch any problem when it happens, not after it happens. Because the IRmadillo provides real-time analyses, Keit helps producers make faster decisions to run their processes more efficiently, safely and profitably.

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What makes the IRmadillo different?

Traditional FTIR instruments operate using a pair of moving mirrors based on a design from the 1800’s called the Michelson interferometer.  The IRmadillo has no moving parts and instead is built upon an arrangement of static mirrors. The light is processed by splitting it and sending it around a loop of mirrors to create an interference pattern on the detector which is analyzed and converted into a spectrum.

 The IRmadillo was specifically designed to be robust and rugged, and this static-optics design means that if the instrument is subjected to vibrations, impact or general movement then the entire mirror assembly moves as one – meaning no loss in signal. This has been tested on the same equipment that’s used to test satellites for launch – so believe us when we say it’s vibration-resistant!

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What makes the IRmadillo different?

Our IRmadillos use diamond ATRs – a naturally robust, scratch resistant material that gives our process analyzers the compatibility over a wide range of chemical and biochemical processes regardless of pH or the nature of the chemistry. We have several models to suit your needs including an Ex-certified IRmadillo and other models that are compatible with sterilize-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP) processes. Learn more by downloading the technical specifications sheets.



Where in the world are the IRmadillos?

IRmadillo instruments have been installed all over the world in a huge range of industries and applications. Visit our Applications Library for inspiration, or contact us if you would like to discuss your process.