Calibration Service Programme

Keit offers refreshes of your IRmadillo’s existing chemometric modeling with a Calibration Service Programme (CSP), for continuous process refinement. The CSP is an annual add-on support service purchased with maximum impact if ordered at the same time as the instrument. The key components of what to expect with the CSP are:

  • Up to four chemometric model rounds in the first year and two per subsequent year 
  • Includes both testing of models and correcting (augmenting with new data) the existing IRmadillo calibration 
  • For calibration augmentation, the customer will need to provide a small number of reference sample analyses (similar to the initial calibration activities). The frequency and amount of sampling data are dependent upon the process
  • Calibration updates require remote network access to the IRmadillo 
  • CSP requires an active warranty or a current Maintenance Support Programme (MSP) coverage in place

The CSP is for customers who purchase an IRmadillo and want the assurance that their instrument’s existing calibration can be adjusted smoothly and remain current. The service package provides customers with a team of Keit chemometricians, data scientists and analytical chemists to review and refine your instrument’s current calibration accuracy and trustworthiness. The calibration updates can be performed remotely (with proper access), and therefore there is no need to ship the instrument back for updating or sending out support staff to site.

Knowing your calibration has the support it needs is an enormous advantage. Your IRmadillo will be providing you with important real-time analytical data to support plant optimization strategies and you’ll expect maximum availability and minimum downtime. Having the assurance that your instrument will be covered for updates to your process saves the worry and frustration.

What’s not covered by the CSP

CSP is not designed to keep recalibrating the IRmadillo for different processes, applications or installation points. If you require that service please contact Keit and we can provide a quotation for extended calibration services.

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