Maintenance Support Programme

The MSP is designed to keep the IRmadillo at peak performance, high availability and ensure rapid recovery in the unlikely event of accidental damage or fault. It also ensures that any Keit software enhancements are available to you as soon as possible. The MSP is an add-on annual support service purchased with maximum impact if ordered at the same time as the instrument. The key components of the MSP are:

  • Diagnostic health check
  • Keit software upgrades
  • IRmadillo firmware upgrades
  • Remote technical support – answers and advice
  • Back-to-base repair (free parts and labor)*
  • Discounted rates on additional application and engineering support
  • Discounted hourly repair rate on labor from damage due to misuse of the instrument

What is the Diagnostic Health Check

  • The health check can be performed remotely, at a mutually agreed upon time
  • It can either be performed entirely by Keit (with required network access to the instrument and its controller) or require customer intervention (by extracting and sending log files to Keit)
  • The health check includes a summary report and an optional conference call to explain the findings and recommendations

What’s not covered by the MSP

*The MSP is designed to cover unexpected component failures, annual maintenance and support. It does not cover damage or misuse of the instrument such as:

  • Impact to probe caused by improper use
  • Exposure to pressures or temperatures outside of the permitted operating range
  • Irreversible deposition of process chemicals on the probe tip
  • Contamination of purge gas (oil, for example) - multiple emitter replacements within a year are excluded if the IRmadillo is not being supplied with purge gas via Keit’s compressed-air dryer & filtration unit (Keit has established a correlation between premature failure and impure purge gas)

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